The Fountain projects and programs exist to catalyze the process of unification and the restoration of Mother Earth. They are guided by the values of reciprocity, respect, responsibility, and relationship. Our initiatives support flow between sacred economics, sacred lands, and sacred cultures.

Sacred Economics

Four percent of the world’s population are the ancestral guardians of 80% of the Earth’s remaining biodiversity. It is no surprise that many are turning to those who hold the knowledge keys of how to live in balance and reciprocity with the Earth and each other to understand how to live well and to build a sacred economy based on reciprocity.

Drawing on the principles and teachings of sacred ancestral cultures, the path forward is to restore a global economy of reciprocity inspired by nature and the sacred. The Fountain is doing so by bringing together investors, philanthropists, leading economic thinkers and holders of Indigenous ecological knowledge in service to the earth and future generations.

Sacred Lands

Worldwide, ancestral Sacred Sites are interconnected. They work together energetically and potentiate the capacity of a single place to restore the balance of a nearby affected place. It is through reciprocity and specifically through ancestral rituals, offerings and payments that ancestral spiritual leaders can accelerate and assure the healing process of Mother Earth.

Ancestral Sacred Sites play a key role in the restoration of those affected places – they are energetic points that elevate the capacity of Mother Earth to restore systemic balance. The Fountain works with elders, local indigenous communities, flowing resources going to where we are called to support the restoration of sacred sites. We are also partnering with communities, organizations, and partners to create 13 Houses of Original Though at sacred locations, as directed by elders, that serve as places of coming together, education, and ceremony.


 Sacred Cultures

The world’s ancestral indigenous peoples – peoples whose cultural genesis can be traced back thousands of years –have safeguarded ancestral wisdom, cosmologies, philosophies and cultures – known also as the “original principles.” For those who have maintained this connection, these principles guide their interactions with the sacred, with nature, and with other human beings.

It’s evident that it is in the return to the sacred origins of the ancestral wisdom – the unification of all peoples with sacred lands – that the return to balance and sustainability is based. The Fountain supports and promotes intercultural exchange with the goal of re-connection, re-indigenization, and remembering who we are. We are working to preserve these root cultures, original languages, customs, ceremony and teachings through education, intercultural partnership, and collaboration.

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