Open Council: Ancestors and descendants calling for Ecocide Law with the Mother Earth Delegation

Recorded October 7, 2020  from Stockholm, Sweden

”Young generations are calling for extraordinary actions, for the world leaders to stop ecocide and unite us all in understanding that we share one Earth. Original Peoples from all over the world are reminding us that we have lost the original instructions on how to live in harmony with Creation. Now is the time to unite! Now is the time to stand behind Ecocide Law. Now is the time for Living in Harmony with Nature – and all beings.”
– Chief Oren Lyons ~ Faithkeeper of The Turtle Clan of the Onondaga Nation
– Steven T. Newcomb Shawnee, Lenape
– Mindahi Bastida, Otomi Toltec – Mexico
– Anton Foley – Fridays For Future
– Tove Lönneborg – Chair, Fältbiologerna – Nature and Youth Sweden
– Gustaf Zachrisson, Founder of the Swedish Youth Network for Biodiversity
– Jojo Mehta, co-founder of Stop Ecocide International
– Pella Thiel, Chair, End Ecocide Sweden
– Grandmother Jyoti – Founder of The Fountain and Center for Sacred Studies.
– Shawna Bluestar Newcomb
– Loretta Afraid Of Bear Cook
– Moderator: Ken Kitatani
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