Offering from Elizabeth B. Jenkins about Q’ero Prophecy and how the Global Healing Paqo Ops are contributing to Prophecy!
Coincidentally there is an inaccurate and misleading post going around FB that is being touted as THE Q’ERO PROPHECY –and I have been asked to put forward the Prophecy as it was taught to me by my Elders.
Here are a few words on the Q’ero Prophecy and how the Global Healing Paqo Ops are contributing to Prophecy!

The prophecy in full was held by Don Andres Espinoza of Q’eros and Don Benito Qoriwaman of Wasao, two of the greatest Fourth Level Andean Masters of the last century. It was recovered and translated by Juan Nuñez Del Prado in the early ’80s, and transmitted to me in 1991.  The prophecy says: when the Paqos (initiates) see the signs in the mountains of receding snows the PACHACUTI (reversal of world order) will begin. This happened on January 1 of 1990, signifying that the Pachacuti would begin August 1 of that same year. 

The Pachacuti is meant to bring about the dissolution of the structures of the 3rd level (our current level of spiritual development) and through the Tukuy Ayniniyoq–Great Exchange of all cultural gifts on earth–bring about the Taripaypacha–the meaning of which is forthcoming below.
This Prophecy is participatory and energetic so it is changed by how we change. In other words, what we do has great impact on what happens and we are acting inside the prophecy right now. The Andean Masters tell us that most of human society on planet Earth is currently at the third level of spiritual development, a sort of spiritual adolescence wherein we blame authority and see it as outside ourselves, feel a victim (or perpetrator or rescuer), our primary emotion is FEAR, we see our situation as static and feel helpless to make any difference, and we are focussed on our own National security. The Prophecy and the Wisdom Tradition from which it comes, provides the spiritual tools and shows us the way forward to evolve into the 4th level. The Fourth level is described as the Tukuy Ayniniyoq, which means the great exchange of all the cultural gifts and abilities of every culture of the world. It is called the Taripaypacha meaning “the age of meeting ourselves again,” and it is the time of restoring the harmony between human society and Mother Nature.
Now what does it mean to arrive to the 4th level? It means we choose Love over Fear every time. We take responsibility for our lives—no more victims. We own our shadow and no longer project it onto others. It means we stabilize the resonant field of our bubble with the entire planetary field. We are inclusive, we reject no one, we can eat and digest every Hoocha (heavy–often called negative–energy) and fear none. At the fourth level we can walk into any Church, Synagogue, Mosque, Temple, Sweat Lodge, Long House, or Hawaiian Heiau, and feel the same devotion because we are directly connecting with the living energy of the divine, no matter the form. There are no more religious wars at the fourth level and no war between the sexes because male and female are known as YANANTIN, or life giving complimentary energies, not opposites. The Fourth Level Initiate creates connection and harmony wherever s/he goes. New solutions appear at the fourth level that were not available to the 3rd level way of thinking. The Fourth Level is the Inka measure of an adult. The 4th level refers to an initiation in which we release our human mom and dad and receive Pachamama (Mother Earth) and Inti Tayta (Father Sun) as our mother and father and all human beings literally become our brothers and sisters. That would be full attainment of the 4th level. Examples of humans fully arrived to 4th level are few; the Dalai Lama, Mother Teresa are some. At the first level we resonate our energy field with our birth family and small village, at the second level we resonate our bubble with the larger human group and mountains and rivers of our city, at the third level we resonate our identity (literally our energy field) with our entire country–that’s why this is our current state of development. At the fourth level we resonate our energy field with the entire planetary energy body.
The Prophecy states that when enough people (like a critical mass) arrive to the 4th level this will create the energetic womb required for the fifth level initiates to emerge. Fifth level initiates have the power to heal every illness every time with one touch. Don Benito told his students that a fifth level initiate could simply walk into a room (for example the United Nations) and conflicts would find resolution just by the impact of her/his energy field. The fifth level healers are prophesied to emerge at huge Festivals around Peru where humans are collaborating in sacred ceremony with powerful Nature Beings at these sacred sites. The exchange of energy is said to create an enormous energy field that allows the fifth level capacities to emerge. Further, 12 fifth level healers will emerge and must join together to perform the Mosoq Qarpay (New Initiation) to bring about the sixth level initiates, enlightened leaders who literally shine with their own light. The enlightened leaders will restore the world of humanity to harmony with Nature: this is the part of the Prophecy known as The Return of the Inka–actually referring to a sacred couple that is foretold to emerge. Something like a high King and Queen who govern according to the laws of Nature and the benefit of the people.  Believe it or not, this story is literally performed every year as a ceremonial play in countless villages throughout the Andes over the last 500 years, since the conquest of the Spanish. I feel this speaks to the collective memory of life lived in harmony with Nature and Natural laws and our deep desire to return to that state.
The wisdom of the Q’ero that tell us how our bodies are designed to resonate with the forces of Nature and join together to perform powerful ceremonies of healing and harmonization with the Global Nature beings, known as the TEQSE APUS, the Natures forces that everyone on Earth has equal access to. Mother Water lives in our tail, Mother Earth in our belly, Father Sun in our hearts, Mother Wind, Moon, and Stars, in our throats and Father Cosmos in our heads.  They give us tools to work with great intention COLLECTIVELY to harmonize ourselves with nature, to fully resonate our bubbles with the planetary body via our Global Healing Ops and practices. Every Full and New Moon, we contribute to the global energy field and move along the process of the prophecy, and now we are working EVERYDAY helping to create the “womb” that will allow the emergence of the fifth level super healers.
This beautiful Prophecy of the Andean people is what has motivated my life day and night over the last 32 years to serve as I was asked, a chaka runa, or bridge person to share these teachings in the great TUKUYANINIYOQ and help along our collective development.
These are the practices that I was hopeful to share at Glastonbury that can unite our powerful selves together and align with the forces of Nature to bring ourselves forward. The practices are delicious and ecstatic. The invitation is always open and I have
Put up a freely accessible Global Healing Ops video to allow anyone to join us anytime they may feel called.
With great love, hope and trust in Mother Nature and human goodness.


Elizabeth B. Jenkins,

Farmer, Author, Director of Wiraqocha Foundation
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