December 2020

Mamo Manuel’s message in English, translated from Narcisos translation into Spanish.

Here, Mamo is telling us about the Earth. The Earth has 9 layers, first, white, then like sand, then white, then red, then brownish red, so there are 9 layers of the Earth, and so each one of them exists. Alike women have their menstrual cycles and each menstruation means signifies food for our Mother Earth. (storm and rain cuts of reception, the message continues: and so Mother Earth takes care of us and is responsible for us, and then, there are also people that do not think further in how they where borned, they think they were just borned like that, but the truth is she is like a mother, and so she takes care of us (Mother Earth ), she protects us, she is like our mother and so we should pay our respects to her always, we have to maintain vigilance, caring in each moment, because if we mistreat our mother, she will worry, she will ask herself why is my child mistreating me like this? Why is he acting wrong? and so this is the story we tell little bit long here, of the Earth that Mamo is telling us, and Mamo here just gave me a resume, and so here I’m sharing with you that it is like that, and so, we should not touch the gold that is under the Earth, we should not move big extensions of land, we should not dig, we should not make a ditch, and if there is a water well or a spring, a small one always there, ancient one, we should not dig we should not cut a tree that is tall that is guarding this water well or spring, or if there is a spring-like a small spring that has been there always we should not dig we should not cut a tall tree that is on that spring or if there is a spring that has a tree, under a tree, there could be a little spring where water comes out, like a little tunnel of water we should not mistreat this, its like the body of the mother it is like if we would cut our fingers, or cut away the ear, or the hair, or the nose, that is not alright it’s not right what we should do then if we do this damages to our mother she would not be happy, that is why we should take care of our Mother, as she takes care of us and that is why we should maintain the care of our mother that takes care of us and that is why we should maintain that care and be vigilant as when a child is taking care of. As a mother, the same, this is what Mamo is saying, and so I comment to you that Earth is our Mother, she takes care of us, as in human life, from when we are kids she takes care of us she gives us food, washes our clothes, gives us everything that we need and so we should not mistreat her, and this is very important, that is what Mamo is saying, I’m explaining it like this. Think carefully today and then you will make your account of it,- aha, -maybe that is why sickness is affecting us,?-that is why Mamo is saying think today and answer tomorrow and you will know, you will understand how she takes care of us because without her we cannot live, so this is what
Mamo is saying, and that’s all.

Many thanks to all.

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