Mamos of the Kogi, Kaggaba Nation Pagamentos

Pilgrimage to the North


The Mamos of La Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, representatives of the Kaggaba Nation in Colombia, have requested to travel to the Arctic North starting with Iceland and Greenland this year as part of a long-term commitment to offering Earth Payments (Pagamentos)  to the Northern natural sites, to support the balancing of the elements which currently are strongly impacting Climate Change events.  

“The snowy peaks of the North have invited us to come 
to do the pagamentos and help unify the spiritual connection”.

This request that has been received from the highest instruction and in accordance with Original protocol.

This will be the first time that any Mamos have travelled into the Arctic circle. They rarely leave the Santa Marta mountains unless they deem it of the utmost importance.

Pagamentos are very specific and ancient prayers that come from one of this planet’s oldest and unbroken traditions. These prayers have been used for thousands of years to help keep the earth in balance.

This is the first of an ongoing commitment to visit the North’s Sacred sites with the Mamos, to not only carry out Pagamentos, but to foster direct relationship with the Kogi Nation and the Elders of the Arctic. 


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Pilgrimage to the North!

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Eleonora Ascencio Dahl

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