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🔥 Stewards of the Sacred 🔥

Self-Leadership, Ritual, and Purpose in A Time of Psychedelic Expansion

LIVE Global Conference from October 27th to 29th, 2023

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My wonderful friend and colleague, Natasja Pelgrom, created Stewards of the Sacred, where speakers from a wide variety of backgrounds, expertise, and modalities will provide insights & perspectives on the topics of stewardship and the sacred, particularly within a psychedelic healing context.

Together, we will explore the profound themes of stewardship, leadership, and purpose. We will approach these topics from a framework that values ancient prophecies and the sacred principles of life as paramount qualities to nurture.

Check out the illuminating topics our speakers are presenting in Stewards of the Sacred:

  • Living in Ceremony: Embracing the Sacred in Everyday Life — Natasja Pelgrom

  • How the Intelligence of Nature is Guiding Us Through These Prophetic Times — Jyoti Ma

  • Psychedelic Narratives of Healing & Harm: Exploring How We Describe & Understand the Psychedelic Experience — Julian Vayne

  • Exploring Psychedelics to Create, Innovate, & Elevate Through Times of Change — Laura Dawn

  • How to Deal with the Sacred from a Physical, Mental, & Spiritual Viewpoint — Kazumi Ohishi

  • Initiation & Lineage in the Age of Profit Prophets — Moudou Baqui

  • Challenging Trips & Post-Trip Difficulties — Jules Evans

  • Re-Igniting the Sacred in Business — Nikki Trott

  • Rising in Deep Intimacy – World as a Lover – Stewardship for a New Earth — Regina U. Hess, Ph.D.

  • What Connects Personal & Collective Transformation? — Alexander Beiner

  • Microdosing as a Practice to Uncover Your Authentic Self & Connect to the Sacredness of Life — Hein Pijnnaken & Jakobien van der Weijden

  • Dance Your Mythos ~ Aradia Sunseri

  • Learning From the World’s Most Ancient Stewards — Jasper Degenaars

  • Becoming Psychedelic: Death, Psychedelics, & Dreams — Dream Mullick

  • Plant Initiations That Raise Consciousness — Pam Montgomery

  • Iboga: A Soul-utions Medicine for Visionary Creators — Elizabeth Bast

  • The Gift of Ancient Ritual Postures for Contemporary Consciousness Expansion — Belinda Gore

  • Healing Addiction Through Ritual — Elizabeth Wood

  • Breaking Free: Detaching from Old Programs & Embracing Self-Leadership in a Time of Psychedelic Expansion — Stephanie Canavesio

  • Leadership, Skillful Psychedelic Use, & Training the Next Generation of Coaches — Paul Austin

  • And many more …

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The Live Broadcast begins on October 27th, 2023. 

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