Journey North … Greenland and Iceland pagamentos October 2023
This is the announcement that went out to the public letting all know when the Mamos would present their message to the full Arctic Assembly.  (
There message was received in a deep and good way.
We went on to gather with the youth and other elders.
Each time the Mamos brought a message. We had some one with us that is a filmmaker and is putting together the video of this main message and also collecting photos…
The message they brought to Arctic Assembly which is already on our webpage.
This is a more complete report about this travel north with the Mamos to activate the first of four pillars. 
This prayer is strong and it humbles me constantly as it wisdom flows to us all. 
The last place for the pagamentos to be offered was at the volcano. They shared that the Mother Earth would soon stir in this volcano and if she wanted would take out the small town near it. She needs the people to listen. The day after the Mamos left Iceland 20,000 earthquakes occurred. And now the volcano is stirring. It is possible that the lava could flow under the town and into the sea. Certainly now the people are listening. 
…. Some photos of their arrival and work in Greenland.
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